Monday, January 20, 2014

First Workout Day!

Today was a great day!

Breakfast was one of my muffins I made yesterday, and a strawberry peach banana protein smoothie!

For lunch, I had a veggie pita. I took a Flatout brand pita and stuffed it full of lettuce, tomato, tofu, and 1 slice of cheese and a little mustard. Then I made some soup to go with it.

About an hour after lunch, I went to the gym. Today was leg and ab day.
Work out:
180 lb. leg presses - 3 sets of 10
30 squats
30 hamstring curls
30 calf raises

25 crunches
25 side crunches (both sides)
30 second plank
30 second side plank (both sides)
25 crunches
25 side crunches (both sides)

Biking - 45 minutes
8.70 miles - Up Hill

For a snack after, I had pretzel crisps and peanut butter with some peach tea.

For dinner, I had a huge spinach salad and a small side of veggie pasta.

Tomorrow is my first run! Super nervous but excited! I have never been a runner.. ever, so this is new and exciting. Hopefully I won't fall on the treadmill, though. That would really suck. Haha